A collector car can mean a different thing to different people as explained by Jay Leno – “Any car can be a collector car, if you collect it”. However, the cars that have mass appeal generally have a few qualities in common. These qualities include unique styling, inciting a genuine desire to own one, and offering great value – not necessarily in terms of price but in terms of the experience. Here is a list of 30 such vehicles:

1 – Oldsmobile Curved Dash (1901)

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Historically significant for being credited as the first mass-produced automobile in America, the Oldsmobile Curved Dash is definitely a collector car. This gasoline-powered runabout car was introduced in 1901 and production ran till 1907. Its success laid the foundation for Oldsmobile’s more than a hundred-year long journey as a brand, making it one of the oldest surviving American automobile brands.