Nowadays, the way people perceive us has come to be reflected by material means. Many people form an idea about the personality of others based on accessories, fashion style and even the means of transportation they use daily. The car with which you roll up to your date’s house speaks volumes about the type of person you are. Making the right choice when using a car on a date can make the difference between a second date and a deleted phone number. Here we’ll look at 30 cars that are unlikely to get anyone’s engine revving in the way you’d want them to.

Ford Pinto


Famous for bursting into flames as the result of even low-speed rear-end collisions, the 1971 Ford Pinto is sure to send any potential date in the opposite direction seeking cover. Adding to the Pinto’s woes were the cost-benefit analysis of Ford execs that determined to settle potential lawsuits would be more financially beneficial than the cost of a recall to repair the rear end. Expect no sweet, sweet love if you roll up in one of these death traps, as the Pinto will be the only thing likely to be on fire. And remember, a fire extinguisher is never a third wheel when you take a girl out on the town in a Pinto.