46 – Lincoln MKS


The Lincoln MKS is soon facing obsolescence. It has been a slow-selling model that appealed to those car buyers seeking luxury under $50k. Because it was never a standout top-seller, it’s now worth 30.4 percent less than what its owner paid for it last year. Like the Genesis, this is a thorn in the side of the person buying an MKS brand new, but a used car buyer’s best-case scenario.


45 – Mini Cooper


The Mini Cooper is an attractive compact vehicle with a loyal band of followers but it depreciates more than any other model in its class. Last year the typical cost of a brand new Mini Cooper was $20k. For any owners with a 2015 Mini sitting in their garage, it’s now worth 29.3 percent less. When considering a car like this, residual value matters because depreciation is the largest single cost of owning a car.


44 – Jaguar XK


The Jaguar XK, like the Lincoln MKS above, is now an obsolete model. Jaguar has replaced it with the newer, flashier F-type model. Last year’s Jaguar XKs were driven off the dealership lot for around $84.5k. They’ve since lost just under 30 percent of that value, depreciating 29.2 percent in the last 12 months. This make and model of Jaguar would be suited on a list of cars that are best purchased used.


43 – Nissan Rogue SV


Introduced as a sporty alternative to more square and practical Toyota and Honda models, the Rogue appealed to loyal Nissan owners. However, after a redesign, the value of this vehicle slipped more than 5 percent. Like the Nissan Leaf, the Rogue is just that, a rogue on this list, with an above-average depreciation rate.