Some consumers would be surprised to learn that many vehicles can comfortably hit the 250,000-mile mark and keep going. It is common today for consumers to use car finance to get a new car every two or three years. Leasing cars has also become extremely popular as people continually want the latest model. However, there are many makes and models out there that are incredibly reliable and will maintain their quality well into the hundreds of thousands of miles. These types of vehicles are perfect for those who seek a new car as a long term investment and want to squeeze value out of their purchase. The growth of the electric car market has also spurred on manufacturers to improve quality or risk consumers jumping to a competitor.

50. GMC Sierra

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GMC is a popular choice among many truck lovers but does struggle to gain the same popularity as Chevy and Ford. But the GMC Sierra 2500HD is a fantastic option if you need something capable of doing some heavy lifting. The GMC Sierra is no stranger to hard work, and it has a large engine that can easily last for nearly a quarter of a million miles.