47. Toyota Camry 

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Toyota Camry needs no special introduction on this list. For decades it has been considered one of the most reliable cars you can buy, along with several other Toyota models. At this point Toyota Camry is probably one of the few go-to cars for those looking for durable and reliable transportation. However, it doesn’t offer much more than that.

46. Toyota Prius 

cars that last more than 250000 miles 7
While it is definitely the most popular hybrid, Toyota Prius also earns a good mark when it comes to reliability. The hybrid engine has proven its worth numerous times by now, and would make the Prius almost as great as a Camry, but there is just one slight problem. Before the engine starts to fail, you will have to replace the battery pack several times. With the costs of battery packs still quite high, it nullifies the reliability of the engine. With that said, Prius is still worth mentioning.