Factory Five racing is a true automotive success story. This company started as a small enterprise made of like minded people who shared their passion for motorsports, only to grow into a large business that became known world wide for their incredible cars and car kits. If you see a cool looking hot rod on the street, chances are it was made by these guys. You can buy their product and assemble it in your garage, which is probably why people like them so much. They’ve come a long way, done a lot of good work, and this is what they have to show for it.

33 Hot Rod
factory five cars 1
Most hot rod enthusiasts who want to build their projects based on pre-WWII cars, run into several problems. One of them is the fact that technology used back then is hard to combine with the one we have today. Usually you end up with something that is barely fit for road use. Factory Five 33 Hot Rod is the solution to this problem. Instead of using vintage cars, they’ve built a replica that is far more compliant with today’s standards, and delivers a performance you just can’t get from almost 70 year old cars.