What more could the average Johnny demand from their car besides the standard built-in sat-nav, leather seats and cup-holders? The elite’s engineers have taken it a step further, allowing luxurious drivers to spend thousands to own a powerful piece of machinery with lavish interior. There are a number of car manufacturers that have been making extravagant car interiors for decades like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, and Mercedes-Benz but there are other care makers that are also following this trend and making interiors that are so costly that the prices would drive you crazy.

1) Pagani Huayra

The designers of these types of vehicles can easily go overboard with all the convoluted specifications. However, the Pagani Huayra takes it to another level. Its interior made of cowhide leather, accompanied with carbon fibre trims and edges, while Its artistic gearstick is covered with aluminium.


2) BMW 3-Series E46 by Vilner

Although BMW is one of the oldest brands in the game to manufacture deluxe automobiles, they always keep up with the changing demands of the market and take bold steps to upgrade the interiors of their cars. Recently, the Bulgarian company, Vilner, made their fashionable mark on the BMW 3-Series yielding a sleek premium interior finish. Vilner changes, the usual black and grey interior of the car, leveling up the BMW by introducing an aristocratic coziness. This modification does indeed costs extra. To purchase the BMW with the Vilner modification, you’ll have to let go of £43K – £20k more than the usual model.


3) Aston Martin DB9 Volante Equestrian

The Aston Martin is a brand that many men desire to be associated with however do not possess the means. The DB9 Volante Equestrian is a perfect example of the awe that can exude from an Aston Martin. Volante Equestrian was custom-built for a charity horse show in the US and was exceedingly admired by fans, becoming one of the most demanded models ever made. Probably the poshest DB9 ever produced, with its saddle tan Lux mill leather and diamond-quilted ivory alcantara. This car with the price tag of £400k is perfect for those who like to publicize their wealth.


4) Range Rover SVAutobiography

The Range Rover Models have steadily increased their popularity and association with luxury, from their days in farms to now being one of the most prestigious urban vehicles. With 29 speakers, walnut wood tables for back passengers and a champagne cooler, it can be concluded that the SVAutobiography is the fanciest model Range Rover ever built. Its price starts at £90k but when it comes to the classy and optional extras, it is very easy to spend in excess of £100k.


5) Bentley Flying Spur

The Bentley Flying Spur, with a base price of £200k, gives you endless options for customization. It allows complete personalization of the car, essentially giving you the opportunity to metaphorically sew your DNA into your vehicle. Unfortunately, only those with a credit card that has a limitless balance can afford such a luxury.

The standard set up exists with beautifully stitched wide comfortable front seats that are classily coloured. These seats are heated, ventilated and have massaging capabilities. The steering wheel is huge by modern standards and is elegantly designed making it a pleasure to manoeuvring.


6) Rolls-Royce Phantom

For the last century it has been hard to separate the name Rolls-Royce from words such as is indulgence, luxury, and improvement. The associated prestige has continued through time and the Rolls-Royce Phantom is a great example as to why. The vehicle is available in a number of choices and the creator have given the buyers the ability to personalize the vehicle to their own desire. The potential options of personal touch include silk seat covers and hand-stitched embroidery, which takes more than 600 hours to complete. Such additions increase the price of the vehicle by approximately 30%. The base price of the vehicle is a quarter of a million pounds.


7) Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman

This classic Mercedes should be reserved for those who can afford a chauffeur. This highly sophisticated model with plush carpets, built-in cooler and snug seats, makes it perfect for red-carpet events, but still equally popular among rappers, stockbrokers and oil barons. Priced at £567k, only those earning the biggest bucks can afford such a vehicle, with such exquisite interior.


8) Fisker Force 1

The brainchild of Henrik Fisker, Danish automotive designer. The Frisker Force 1 is an absolute masterpiece with raw power. Although it looks like other supercars with its fierce appearance and aggressive power, it’s interior will have you believing you are floating on cloud 9. Covered in soft and brushed leather with holes for sunglasses, pens, and wine. Surprisingly, its size and price is almost half of the Mercedes-Maybach £230k.