The most comprehensible definition of the term road trip is when a person or group is traveling a long distance, most likely in a vehicle, heading for a pre-established destination. In cinema, road trips have been presented in numerous ways, from the movies that somehow try to match reality, to the laugh riots that could only exist in fiction.

With that being said, the way to get your fix when one feels the call of the open road is renting a great road movie. Spending a nice Sunday evening in the company of friends or family watching one of the movies in the list below can be both bondingĀ and exciting.

Rain Man (1988)


A great 1988 movie in the road trip drama genre is Rain Man, a journey across the country in a 1948 Buick convertible with Charlie Babbitt (the self-centered automobile dealer and bookie, played by Tom Cruise) joined by Raymond Babbitt (the autistic savant played by Dustin Hoffman), with the pretense of a unequal inheritance.