Ford Motor Company has produced many iconic and reliable vehicles, with a production run starting in 1903 and lasting into the 21st century. The quality, longevity and affordability of Ford vehicles have made them a staple of American culture and indeed culture around the world. These many machines have done well to bring affordable transport to the masses and even surpass their Italian and German competitors. It is difficult to narrow down Ford vehicles to a best of the best list, because there are so from which to choose. After much deliberation, below are the 30 best Fords ever made.

30 – Ford Lincoln Zephyr

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The Lincoln-Zephyr, manufactured from 1936-1940, was a modern luxury car, aerodynamic enough to be named after the Greek god of the western wind. The Zephyr was unique in having a V-12 engine. Production of this car was halted when the US entered WWII in 1942. In 2006, the car model name was resurrected, but only briefly before being swapped for the Lincoln MKZ title.