What defines a cool car? This is an impossible question to answer. Some would say a cool car is one that is somewhat unique, offered something new we’d never seen before, and makes you proud to drive around in it. Cool cars don’t need to be expensive – take the Mini Cooper for example – but they do need to have that certain special twinkle in their headlight to make it onto the ultimate cool car list. Let’s look at 30 of the coolest cars that have ever been created.

30. Jaguar XJS

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The XJS was in production for 21 years – a long time by any standard. The sleek and long body is a symbol of both strength and style. The XJS is the car we’d get if Frank Sinatra and Biggie Smalls had collaborated on a design – it’s half old-school cool and half modern legend. This model has been the inspiration of a few other Jaguar cars; however, none have quite reached its legendary status.