Gone in Sixty Seconds is an iconic movie for automotive enthusiasts that starred Nicholas Cage as a retired car thief. He is called, unwillingly, out of retirement to save the life of his little brother. How does he save his little brother’s life? He has to steal cool cars, obviously! He has a list of 50 cars that he has to steal, and this list is packed with some of the hottest and most expensive vehicles that have ever been produced.

Below are the top 33 cars from the movie, and every single one of them is an example of automotive excellence.

1999 Aston Martin DB7 (codename: Mary Asti)

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The Aston Martin DB7 sports a 6-cylinder supercharged engine that is housed in one of the most beautiful bodies to come off an automobile assembly line ever. It was no surprise that this car was on the list and they gave her a proper name to match the elegant and luxurious style that the Aston Martin DB7 exudes.