One of the most legendary football players in the world, David Beckham, is also a very dedicated car enthusiast. Taking a peek into his garage reveals a very formidable collection of cars that would make any petrol head envious. It appears that the Beckham’s have a car suitable for every occasion, from an evening dinner in a fine restaurant, to a weekend adrenaline-filled drive down some curvy roads. Some of the cars this famous family owns are rather predictable, while others not so much. It’s worth mentioning that aside from all these cars, David Beckham also owns several motorcycles. Without further ado, check out the top 10 cars found in Beckham’s garage.

Porsche 911 Turbo
david beckham cars 1
Like most other petrol heads who can afford luxury car collections, David Beckham has a Porsche 911 in his garage. It seems to be the staple car in multi-million dollar car collections.