On construction sites, farms, and freeways everywhere you can see pickup trucks, America’s workhorse, plying their trade. Beds piled high, trailers full and strapped down, these vehicles are utilized in all 50 states by everyone from experienced contractors and multi-generational farmers to long haul truckers and families on vacation with a boat or an RV.

With the advent of the SUV in the early 90s, however, they suddenly had some competition. Sport utility vehicles with V8 and diesel offerings from the big manufacturers can go toe to toe against many trucks, and towing capacity isn’t just limited to these big machines. Anyone who has spent a significant amount of time traveling or plying Americas freeways has noticed all manner of makes, models, shapes and sizes of vehicles struggling to pull whatever random cargo is attached to the hitch. From the usual heavy-duty pickup trucks and SUVs to VW Bugs pulling Airstreams and Honda Civics towing jet skis, let’s take a closer look at some of the best choices for towing and hauling cargo around the continent.

The Ford F Series


America’s bestselling truck for years on end, the F150, F250 and F350 line of pickups is built to be worked. The diesel models put out 430 hp and 925 pound feet of torque, and these beasts can tow 12,500 pounds. With an in-bed payload of 7,000 pounds, they are versatile, capable machines.