As we say goodbye to the year 2018, it is time to do some reflection. What better way than to start with the more beautiful things in life like luxury cars? There is absolutely no shortage of luxury cars, and if you have a shopping list, this can make weeding through them quite the challenge. Allow us to steer you in the right direction. Whether you are looking for top-rated interior design or the latest technology, this list of the top luxury cars of 2018 will not disappoint.

1. Rolls-Royce Phantom

Now, this is not the 1925 original version. Yes. We have been waiting for a revamping of the Phantom for what feels like forever, but Rolls-Royce has delivered an exceptional luxury vehicle. It is comprised of an aluminum platform, which has been created to now be integrated with all newer Rolls-Royce models. Experience the smoothest ride of your life. High-tech computer technology analyzes the roadway for bumps and adjusts accordingly. If the updated grill does not provide you with a “wow” factor, the interior is sure to. Folding wooden picnic tables? Check. Display screens for passengers? Check. The Phantom also has virtually endless customization options, so let your imagination run wild.


2. Lincoln Continental

How does it feel to drive a Lincoln? Out of this world. The extra-wide opening doors are super convenient. It features all-wheel drive and up to 400 horsepower, all while being one of the quietest luxury cars. The cruise control has been updated for this model. You no longer have to worry about updating your pace when you are in cruise control, the Lincoln Continental’s is adaptive. Experience a smooth interior like no other, with comfortable and pillowy seating.


3. BMW 5 Series

What is the safest luxury car around? The BMW 5 Series has a perfect safety rating score. Not only is it safe, but it is also fuel efficient while also having a powerful engine. The BMW 5 Series can go up to an impressive 460 horsepower and go from zero to sixty in just under four seconds. The BMW 5 Series has effective voice controls. It will recognize the natural speaking voice. But, what is more, is that it can even recognize hand gestures to perform basic commands. This commands can be used to control navigation or entertainment. Experience a comfortable interior for you and your passengers. Rear-facing screens and heated rear seats will make sure everyone enjoys the ride.

These top luxury cars are some of the best luxury cars of 2018. Traveling in style comes with its perks. Not only are these cars stunning to look at, but they boast amazing advantages in regards to safety ratings, technology, and comfort. We know that sifting through the latest models can sometimes become a chore. We wanted to choose the best luxury cars that not only exceed on the outside but having interiors as well. The best part? You will have no problem letting someone take you for a ride when you can enjoy a smooth, comfortable, and entertaining ride.