Let’s be candid, a lot of personal judgements are made about people based on the car they drive. And, to be honest, you can tell a lot about someone from their vehicle. You have insight into their socioeconomic status, whether they have children, whether they care about the environment and whether they are cheap with a dollar. Not surprising then that a quick peep at someone’s waggon leads people to make snap verdicts about the person driving it. See below the what personality can be inferred by the car you drive. Have a look at the following cars and car-types to see what they say about you.

10. The Recent Graduate

Not without exception, most students drive certain kinds of cars. More specifically, we mean Second-hand, old cars. Vehicles passed down from their parents or another relative. Cars that have been paid off and have a certain amount of wear and tear on them, usually also with some rust. Examples of Cars that fulfil this stereotype are the 1998 Toyota Corolla, a 2002 Dodge Neon or a 2000 Ford Fiesta. Usually, these cars have a bumper sticker or 2 plus a missing hubcap, revealing you as a recent graduate from miles away. Someone with this car simply just want to be able to get around by any means necessary and isn’t too bothered about looking well-off.