Believe it or not, there is some scientific research to show what type of personality you might have based on the type of car you own. Compact car owners tend to live in dense cities and don’t want to have to drive their cars too much. Clearly, that isn’t a huge surprise, but they do spend less money on their cars and tend to have jobs that require less dedicated hours than others. Maybe it’s because people in this group value their free time more or it could be because they just don’t want a hefty car payment. Have a look at the following cars and car-types to see what they say about you.

10. The Recent Graduate

Not without exception, most students drive certain kinds of cars. More specifically, we mean Second-hand, old cars. Vehicles passed down from their parents or another relative. Cars that have been paid off and have a certain amount of wear and tear on them, usually also with some rust. Examples of Cars that fulfil this stereotype are the 1998 Toyota Corolla, a 2002 Dodge Neon or a 2000 Ford Fiesta. Usually, these cars have a bumper sticker or 2 plus a missing hubcap, revealing you as a recent graduate from miles away. Someone with this car simply just want to be able to get around by any means necessary and isn’t too bothered about looking well-off.