Anyone can drive any car on the planet, but we choose our cars for one reason or another. It is interesting to examine the data and try to piece together who a person is and what they may have seen in their life based solely on their car. It may be impossible to make a perfect conclusion about a person’s worth, experience, or style of living based on the car they drive; however one can identify trends that exist in the world that may give us insight into the aforementioned characteristics. Have a look at the following cars and car-types to see what they say about you.

10. The Young & The Confident – Who Didn’t Go to College

Are you a young guy driving a large new pick-up truck? Got your baseball hat pulled down tight over your eyes and hanging your left elbow out the driver’s side window?
Chances are most people you pass on the street assume you spent your tuition money on that truck and decided to skip college in favor of a blue-collar job. This might sound a little harsh, but nothing says “blue collar” to people as loudly as a pick-up truck. And a lot of snap judgements are made about young people who drive them. But why should you care? You’re driving an awesome truck around town.